Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome Back, Negotiations, Lawsuit, Reps

Welcome back!  All of us at Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota are excited about what we’ll do together this year.  Remember, you can contact your union by emailing us at or calling our office at 763-421-9110.  This is the first of our weekly updates where we’ll work to keep you informed and connected.

Negotiations:  We generally don’t send negotiations details out on our school email system, instead, we post it on our website at and our phone hotline at 651-695-2029.  We just put up an update, so click or dial over to see how things are going.

Lawsuit: As you have heard, our district is facing lawsuits on behalf of six students concerning our Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy (also known as “the neutrality policy”).  As a union, our role this summer has been to connect with our members whose names appeared in the complaint and support them through the process.  Please note that no teachers are defendants in the suit, their names show up as people who may have knowledge about the incidents that are part of the complaint.  Our support included meeting with these members to discuss how a suit like this works and accompanying them if they were interviewed by lawyers.  Remember – if you find yourself part of an investigation at school, even if the investigation is not about you specifically, give us a call at 763-421-9110.  

Who’s My Rep?  If you are wondering who the head rep is at your site, check who forwarded you this email.  At most sites, the person who forwards these is your Head Building Rep.

Good Question: This week’s question is “Why is there a listing for an 8th year day on the orange sub forms we fill out in our buildings?”  A number of people noticed this space on the forms and knew that in our contract (and the para’s contract as well), we get an additional personal day our tenth year.  This space on the form is for interpreters, who have an 8th year day in their contract.