Friday, June 3, 2011

Negotiations, AVMR, SOCP, Summer Contacts, Thank You

Negotiations: We held our first formal negotiations meeting with district negotiators last Thursday.  The teams introduced themselves and shared their main objectives for this round.  We did not discuss large financial items like steps and lanes as the legislature has not come to agreement on what our funding will be for next year.  Our next meeting with district negotiators will be June 16th. You can follow our progress over the summer by listening to the Negotiations Hotline at 651-695-2029 or visiting our website at  If you would like us to send updates directly to your home email account, send us your home email address at

AVMR Survey Results:  We had a great response to our survey of elementary teachers who work with the Advantage Math Recovery intervention curriculum.  The survey yielded some interesting results and showed our members have a thoughtful, nuanced understanding of how to improve this program.  Check out a summary and the results at

Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy: You may have seen in the media that there are groups considering legal action against our district based on the policy about being “neutral” when it comes to homosexuality.  From a teacher’s perspective, we have heard significant confusion around how this policy actually plays out in a classroom.  AHEM has been working to clarify the specific classroom implications of this policy for our members throughout this past year.  Over the summer, we will put together what we have learned so you can better understand what the district expects of us and decide what our next steps should be to create safe and welcoming classrooms for all of our students.

Summer Contacts:  The AHEM office is open throughout the summer.  If you need to contact us, call us at 763-421-9110, email us at, follow us on Twitter at 7007, join our page on Facebook at Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota, or check out our website at

Thank you!  During back to school workshops last August, we shared national survey results showing that the public respected and trusted educators.  We have recent local survey results that show that our public’s respect and trust in you has grown. Despite all of the changes and turmoil this past year, you all have clearly exceeded “adequate yearly progress”. You have done right by your students and maintained the trust of our community.  I hope you are as proud of that as we are of you.  On behalf of all of us at AHEM, thank you for all your work and have a restful, rejuvenating summer.