Friday, September 23, 2011

Negotiations, Taskforces, Levy Videos, Online Contract

Negotiations: For details on Thursday’s bargaining session, check the hotline (651-695-2029), the blog (, Facebook or Twitter for our progress.

Opportunities:  In the coming year, AHEM and district administration will be putting together a couple of taskforces.  One will come up with plans regarding the new annual teacher evaluation law that goes into effect in 2014 and another will develop recommendations around corrective actions required by the federal NCLB law.  We aren’t asking for specific volunteers yet, but start thinking about if you’d like to be part of these processes.

Levy Videos:  If you would like to share videos explaining the impact of the upcoming levy, here are their YouTube links:
Consider putting them on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or emailing them to friends from your home email account.

Good Question: I can’t find my contract – can you send me another one?  Our goal is to be able to throw away those purple books in favor of a new contract, so rather than send you one of those, you can find our contract online at (we do have some extra though if you want a hard copy – send us an email at