Friday, October 25, 2013

Bargaining, School Board Meeting, Buttons

Wednesday's Bargaining Session: Wednesday's bargaining session yielded no real progress. The district presented "an alternate economic offer". They changed their salary schedule improvement by just fractions of a percent while adding a new step in between Step 11 and Career 1. The district team admitted that any increase in one part of the offer came from a decrease somewhere else. In summary, we have had three economic offers from the district that are effectively the same value as our last settlement, despite an improvement in district finances. For details visit

We Need You at Monday's School Board Meeting: To avoid getting bogged down, we are delivering a message to the school board that it's time for a fair, competitive settlement. We need you behind us, both figuratively and literally, to get the process moving in the right direction. Please join us at the school board meeting:

  • Monday, October 28th,
  • 6:30 pm – about 7:00 pm
  • Sandburg Educational Center  
  • Wear Red
The meeting starts with about 20 minutes of student recognition where we can help celebrate students' accomplishments, then moves to an open forum.  AHEM negotiators will address the board and your presence in red as we speak will make an impact. See you Monday!

Good Question: Can I wear an AHEM button at school? Yes! Wearing buttons or t-shirts is not a problem. If a student asks why you are wearing it, you can simply say something like "AHEM is my union" and get back to the important work you do preparing students for a bright future.