Thursday, March 10, 2011

Q-Comp Vote, Wisconsin Update, Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy, Meet & Confer, Member Activism & the Media

Q-Comp Vote:  The unofficial results of our Q-Comp vote are as follows:
  • Eligible Voters: 2811
  • Votes Cast:  2034 (72% turnout)
  • Yes Votes:  1197 (58.8%)
  • No Votes:  837 (41.2%)
Because the number of yes votes was below the 75% threshold needed, we have not accepted Q-Comp.  We appreciate all those who turned out to make a decision on this important issue.

Wisconsin:  Last night, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker set in motion a set of procedural moves to push through the unpopular budget repair bill.  Using what’s being called “the nuclear option,” Walker and their state senate stripped out the financial components of the bill, which allowed them to vote on the measure without the presence of the 14 Senate Democrats who had fled to Illinois.  So, now this “budget” bill no longer has the budget components, only those that strip collective bargaining rights.  Rallies and other actions are planned for this weekend across Wisconsin.  For a complete list of events, or to sign up to take a bus to Madison Saturday, visit Education Minnesota’s site at

Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy: District administration has responded to a letter we sent them asking for clarifications of the policy.  We invite you to help us review their response and decide our next steps.  We’ll meet at the AHEM office at 4:45 pm, Wednesday, March 30th.  RSVP to .

Meet & Confer:  Our next Meet & Confer with our school board will be on Thursday, March 31st, from 5:30-7:30 pm at the SDC.  Our topics will be how teacher input leads to better district decisions and our ideas for the district budget.  If you would like to speak on either of these topics, email us .

Member Activism and the Media:  With all the media attention our district receives on a variety of issues, we are offering a meeting for members to discuss how speaking out as an individual affects you in the classroom.  We’ll discuss options and tips to help you both take action and avoid difficulties at work.  We’ll get together Monday, March 21st, 4:45 pm at the AHEM office.  RSVP to .