Friday, October 29, 2010

Voting Information, Q-Comp Timelines, Union Halloween Candy

Voting Information:  One of the reasons educators have the influence we do on public policy is that we have one of the highest voting rates of any group out there.  Continue that proud tradition by voting this Tuesday.  To check where you vote, find out how same day voter registration works, or answer any other questions you may have about voting, visit the Secretary of State’s voting page at  Be sure to wear you “I voted” sticker to school to model to your students the importance of voting.

Q-Comp Update:  The Minnesota Department of Education has finished its review of our proposal and will be giving us their feedback next week.  After we answer any final questions they have, the full proposal will be ready for a more specific review by all of you.  We will begin member meetings around the district beginning the week of November 8th to give members a chance to get more detailed information and ask questions.  Our goal is to be ready to vote on the proposal by mid December.

Chocolaty Ways to Support Good Jobs:  If you buy Halloween candy, justify eating one of the bags before the little ghouls and goblins hit your door by choosing union made candy this year.  The following candy manufacturers have treats made in the U.S. by workers with fair wages and safe working conditions:  Tootsie Roll, NECCO, Just Born Products (know for Peeps, Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales), Sweethearts brand Conversation Hearts, Jelly Belly, Pearson’s Candies, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., Hershey, and Nestle Products.  Note:  Some of these companies outsource some of their production.  Imported food, including candy, must carry a country of origin label—so check for that to be sure your chocolate binge is benefitting the economy.  For a full list of products, visit