Friday, October 15, 2010

Q-Comp - Changes to Incentives and Voting Date, Teacher of the Year Nominations, Classroom Grants, Professional Conference, Archived Updates

Q-Comp – Changes to Incentives and Voting Date:  We found out this week that we do not need to hold our vote in November.  Given the number of questions members have, the fact that our plan is not back from the state yet, and just how overloaded people are feeling right now, we are planning to move our vote to mid December. 

Also, our school board has decided based on some new financial information, to use their full levy authority (no popular vote needed for this kind of levy) to increase funding for Q-Comp.  This will change the amounts of the financial incentives in our proposal to the following:  the site improvement goal incentive will go from $85 to $210, the student achievement goal incentive will go from $85 to $210 as well, and the observation incentive will go from $1580 to $1728.

Teacher of the Year:  Nominations are open for Teacher of the Year at . All you need is your and the teacher’s contact information and 75 words about the good work they do.  Nominations are due November 15th.

Classroom Grants:  Our Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has classroom grants available for Education Minnesota members.  Classroom Grants between $500 and $3,000 are awarded to address particular needs for classroom innovations. Preference is given to projects that address the needs of diverse or at-risk students, involve partnerships and are replicable. Several Anoka Hennepin members have earned these grants over the years.  Applications are due Dec. 11, 2009, for the 2009-10 school year.  Visit for more information.

Education Minnesota Professional Conference:  This coming Thursday and Friday, join over 10,000 of your colleagues at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul.  The workshops encompass more than 70 current education issues, such as bridging the achievement gap, bringing culturally relevant activities into classrooms, sessions that fill re-licensure requirements, and the role of technology in 21st century education. Among the estimated 300 exhibits in the hall, there will be hands-on science demonstrations, live raptors and free little trinkets galore.  In addition, conference attendees can get flu shots, give blood, and donate books for students at tornado-damaged Wadena High School or flood-damaged southeastern Minnesota.  Visit for all the details.

Archived Weekly Updates:  Trying to find something from a past weekly update?  Visit for all of our past updates.