Thursday, November 14, 2013

Site Level Actions, Next Bargaining Session, Superintendent Search, Teacher of the Year, Applause

Work to Rule & Other Site Level Actions: You may have heard that some sites have decided to do some form of work to rule or other actions to show unity and resolve for a fair, competitive contract settlement. About seven sites are now doing an action where they walk in together at the beginning of the duty day and walk out at the end. Some are doing a once a week work to rule action where they drop voluntary duties on that day. Other sites are doing activities like sharing pictures of their site in red, having a "party in the parking lot" on Wednesdays, door prize drawings for those who attend a bargaining session, and more.  Visit our Facebook page to see pics from around the district:

As a democratic, member driven organization, know that you have the power to create the kind of activities that fit your site.  Of course, we will continue to ramp up district wide actions, but you are not limited to those. Want to do something where you are? Talk to your colleagues and building representatives and we will help provide the infrastructure to make it happen.

Next Bargaining Session: Our next bargaining session is Thursday, November 21st, 4:45 pm at the ESC (the exact room is still being determined). As always, you are welcome to see the process first hand and discuss it with your negotiators afterward.

Superintendent Search Survey: We've heard a number of members say they didn't realize the superintendent search survey was something they can fill out too. If you'd like to give input on what you want to see in our next superintendent, visit

Teacher of the Year: You have until Friday to nominate someone for Teacher of the Year.  The form is very simple and whether or not the nominee chooses to participate in the process, they will appreciate the pat on the back from a colleague. Take (literally) five minutes to fill out the form at and make a colleague's day.

It's time to give each other an APPLAUSE for the outstanding efforts we see each day. Take a moment to recognize a teacher/member who makes a difference. We'll draw five members to receive a $25 gift card and let all of those mentioned know their great work has been noticed.  Look for APPLAUSE forms coming soon in your P.O. Box.