Friday, December 2, 2011

Next Year’s Calendar, Meet & Confer, If a Reporter Calls

Calendar Committee:  A committee of staff, administrators, and parents puts together a district calendar proposal each year.  The school board has the final say on the calendar and makes the decision in January or February.  To help the teacher representatives on the committee, we’d like some feedback as we work to balance testing dates, holidays, and state statutes to create an effective schedule.  To share your ideas, visit

Meet & Confer:  Thank you to all who attended and special thanks to those who spoke at Wednesday’s Meet & Confer with the school board.  Speakers Kristin Weidlein, Betsy Quist, Kim Thole, Alecia Pankratz, Doug Bakkum, Ann Erickson, Jay Wilkins and emcee LeMoyne Corgard set a productive and engaging tone.  School Board members Marci Anderson and John Hoffman believed the meeting would be helpful to them in making decisions for our district.

Good Question:  Can the union help if I am contacted by the media? It could happen to any of us – a reporter calls about something unflattering a parent or student told them, true or untrue. The district Communications Department handles media calls about its staff, and we can help too.  If you are contacted by a reporter, let your supervisor know right away and give us a call at 763-421-9110.  On the weekends, you can call my cell at 763-438-3527.  We’ll be happy to assist you during what can be a stressful experience.  We can also walk you through the legalities of talking to press about your work when you want to use the media to help support your students or profession.