Thursday, October 27, 2011

Levy Survey Results and Opportunities

What People Are Saying About the Levy:  Based on recent surveys, levy support is strong and growing.  Question 1 (Renewal) has the most support, Question 2 (Technology) follows, and Question 3 (Protection Against Funding Shortfalls) is even in play for passage.  Question 3 in particular seems to benefit from discussion – the more people hear about it, the more likely they are to support it.  The support is there, but the key factor will be who shows up to vote.  That’s where we come in…

AHEM Levy Efforts:  You are invited to tell our community about the levy in a few different ways. We’ve been successful over the years with a lot of small efforts spread out over our membership – we hope you’ll be part of those efforts this year:

Phonebanks:  We are using the latest technology to make short, informational calls to undecided voters and supporters who need a personal ask to get to the polls.  We call from 5-8 pm (partial shifts are an option), Sunday through Thursday (not Halloween) until the election on November 8th.  We call out of our office in Coon Rapids, provide training, snacks and support.  Phoners who’ve already tried it report it’s easier than expected and they felt the calls made a difference.  Email us at and tell us when you’d like to call.

Postcards: We are sending personalized postcards to residents who have a direct interest in education.  We send you labeled, stamped postcards and you write a sentence or two to personalize them based on our suggestions and pop them in the mail.  It’s as quick and easy as it is effective.  Let us know how many you’d like by emailing us at

Social: If you are on Facebook, consider liking and sharing our page about the levy at  Simple social acts like this and one-on-one discussions with neighbors are so powerful.  And given our community’s level of support this year, these efforts have been easier and more positive than ever.